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    Green Niackery: On the path to an Earth-friendlier lifestyle...
  • Welcome to Green Niackery!

    Earth-Friendly Living…

    Green Niackery is a blog for eco-minded folk, especially those living in Northern Ontario. Dedicated to providing useful information on local and environmentally-conscious businesses and products, Green Niackery aims to simplify and encourage Earth-friendly living, all the while highlighting the people and brands that are making a difference within the region.

    Find great advice on green living, discover where to shop and what to buy in the Sudbury – North Bay – Parry Sound triangle and surrounding areas, and learn more about the local brands you love by reading profiles of featured businesses and products.

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    Antioxidant-rich local fruit!

    Berry Picking

    Northern Ontario is blessed with a huge variety of delicious, hardy berries.

    Fresh & delicious!

    Local Food

    Nothing beats the taste of fresh local food. Grow your own or buying from farmers markets…

    Restore intestinal health!

    Kombucha Tea

    Revitalise your energy levels, boost your immune system & regulate your metabolism!

    Mamma Knows Best! Kombucha Mamma Cultures & Kits - Free Shipping!

    Refreshingly local!

    Local Beverages

    Cheers to local & environmentally-conscious drinks & brews!

    Greening the homestead!

    Home & Garden

    Natural tips & local products for leading an Earth-friendly lifestyle at home…

    Pure & pampered!

    Personal Care

    Take the best care of yourself with these eco-friendly & local health & beauty products.

    Organic Skin Care Soultions for anti-aging, acne, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin & combination

    My green life!

    Green Living

    My personal experiences on the path to leading an Earth-friendlier lifestyle…

    Easy reference!

    Green Shopping Guide

    Local & natural products & businesses serving Northern Ontario…

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    Green-themed articles & resources, especially for Northern Ontario.